Modular Stables

Our bolt-together modular horse stables are designed to be relocatable so, in the event you need to move properties, you can take your horse stables with you.

Modular horse stables are a great solution for many customers. Modular horse stables are easily erected or dismantled and can be erected independently of the structures around them.

Modular horse stables can be transported from one property to another if you move, or they can be sold if no longer needed.

The modular horse stable can easily be assembled by two people in 45 minutes and the only tools needed are two spanners.

Multiple modular horse stables can be linked together to form a row by purchasing extra panels. The sliding door features a self-locking fixture that is both very easy to use and extremely safe.

Modular horse stables are available in Bare Bones (as pictured below), or with the timber paneling of your choice.