Shelters & Day Yards

Horse Shelters

Horse Shelters

Horse Shelter

Horse shelters are commonplace on most horse properties but if your loved ones are not yet catered for we can offer a range of horse shelters.

Fully secured horse shelters allow for overnight horse stabling before comps, when your horse is injured or sick, and even to separate food dominant horses.

Depending on your requirements, we also do:

  • open fronted basic horse shelter structures
  • single or double horse shelters
  • lined or unlined horse shelters

Horse Day Yards

Horse Day Yards, Mornington, Victoria

Horse Day Yard

Day yards for horses are perfect for long winters where extended horse stabling is required.

Your horse can enjoy the best of indoor / outdoor living and you can avoid the long boggy walk to and from the paddocks.

We can supply and install these stylish day yards complete with:

  • hotwire
  • energiser
  • gate ways
  • waterers

Finish off your new horse stables by attaching day yards.